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Ice Sculpture Designs

A Few Suggestions Ice Chest Happy Holidays Harlequin-Mardi Gras Mask
Animals Titanic Reindeer Pilgrim
Bear Bobcat      Wreath with  Rabbit in Hat
Donkey Buildings, Skylines, Castles Season's Greeting Mom on Heart
Panther New York Skyline N-O-E-L Turkey
Iguana Empire State Penguins Holiday Easter Bunny
Ram's Head Pagoda Angel Apple with Flag, 4th of July
Lion White House Dragons Easter Egg, Happy Easter
Elephant  Lighthouse Dragon Happy Fathers' Day
Dog-any type Castle Dragon with Rocket

Heart with

Polar Bear King Arthurs's Castle T-Rex      Happy Valentine's Day
Indian God Female Arc de Triumphed Winnie the Pooh


Indian God Male Chrysler Building Bart Simpson on  Skateboard  Horse Standing Giraffe
Empire State Building with  Female Figures Carousel Horse Monkey
King Kong Girl Skating Horse Jumping Elk Bull
Cartoon Characters Ballerina  Unicorn Donkey
Beauty & the Beast                Genie with Lamp Landmarks  
Howling Wolf on Cliff            Tasmanian devil Girl with Balloons

Liberty Bell

Bison Bugs Bunny            Cheerleader Statue of Liberty
Alligator Donald Duck Hawaiian Girl Hollywood Sign
Walrus Mickey Mouse Dancing Girl Brooklyn Bridge
Rabbit Minie Flapper Camel
Goofy     Venus DeMilo


Simba Fish Available in any size Dopey
Dolphin / Corporate Logo Baskets and Vases Bart Simpson
Oriental Machines Available in many styles Casper
Shark Movie Camera Birds Snoopy
Seahorse Digital laptop Pelican Cinderella

Digital Computer

Butterfly Porky Pig, That's All Folks   Angel fish
Males Figures Eagle Dilbert Carp
Surfer Flamingo Bart Simpson on Skateboard Mermaid
Guitar Player Turkey Karate Lobsters
Penguin Suggestions Dolphins Forming Heart Penguin with Top Hat
Christmas Cowboy Crab on Rocks       

Elvis Presley

Phoenix   Nutcracker Halloween


Peacock   Season Greetings Pumpkin Face Man in Toga
Stork Sleigh Black Cat Court Jester
Parrot Caroler Pumpkin Tin Man
Single Dove Dreidel Witch on Broomstick Neptune
Boats/Gondolas      Menorah Frankenstein

Tango Dancers

Gondola Season’s Greeting Merlin Sailboat
Pedestal Holiday Viking Ship Star of David
Bunny Miscellaneous Shrimp Boat Toy Soldier
Leprechaun Oscar Anchor Santa
Shamrock Coast Guard Boat   Snowman


Pirate Ship

Clown with Balloons    
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